• We believe that prison should be a last resort rather than a first option.
  • Specializing in complex mail, wire fraud, embezzlement and white-collar offenses.
  • Our staff has been featured on MSNBC®, ABC News and The Wall Street Journal.

National Prison and Sentencing Consultants, Inc., is a nationally known and widely acclaimed prison and sentencing consulting, research and investigative firm. We assist federal and state offenders, inmates and their attorneys with all aspects of potential criminal sentencing as well as matters dealing with the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

At NPSC, we believe that prison should be a last resort rather than a first option.

NPSC is one of the oldest federal prison consulting and sentence mitigation firms in the country.  We have built a national clientele and offer our services throughout the United States investigating, preparing and implementing sentence reduction strategies.

Downward Departure Investigation

Our experienced Team will explore all possible avenues for a downward departure and reduction or elimination of prison time before a sentence is imposed.

Federal Sentencing Factor Analysis

We thoroughly analyze the indictment, the Sentencing Guidelines and the alleged offender’s unique circumstances so as to determine the most likely sentencing guideline level range.

Pre-Incarceration Assistance

NPSC has individualized prison preparation programs designed to assist an offender preparing for incarceration. We will make the transition from your yard, to the prison yard easier and less traumatic.

Post Sentence Assistance

Assisting with facility designation to ensure that the defendant is sent to a facility with the most appropriate security classification that offers the most applicable programs.

Plea Agreement Review

We will thoroughly evaluate the proposed plea from a sentencing perspective so that the alleged offender and their counsel can make an intelligent and thoughtful decision.

Diversionary Programs and Prison Alternatives

NPSC researches, investigates and proposes incarceration alternatives and programs that can and will reduce the amount of time spent in prison, or help avoid confinement altogether.