Introduction to NPSC

National Prison and Sentencing Consultants, Inc., NPSC, is a federal prison consulting, research and investigative firm that assists federal and state offenders and their attorneys with all aspects of potential federal criminal sentencing. and matters relating to the Federal Bureau of Prisons We have built a national clientele and offer our services throughout the United States investigating, preparing and implementing sentence reduction strategies. We are widely considered the premier federal sentencing experts in the United States. We specialize in complex mail, wire fraud, embezzlement cases as well a most white-collar offenses . We assist federal offenders with prison sentence reduction strategies and preparing for a term of incarceration providing emphasis with the federal prison system.

National Prison & Sentencing Consultants’ staff has been featured as federal sentencing experts on MSNBC®, ABC News, The Abrams Report®, Fox News, Forbes Radio, Canadian Broadcasting Company, Inside Edition, and we have been extensively quoted and interviewed in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Newsweek, People Magazine, Chicago Sun-Times, The Washington Post, The Associated Press, The New York Times, The Times (of London), The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Denver Post as well as numerous other national and international print and electronic media outlets.

We work closely with our client and their legal team to ensure that incarceration is the last possible alternative for the court and ultimately for our client.

“Studies have shown that such advisors (Sentencing Consultants) have had an impact in reducing sentences and finding alternatives to incarceration.”
Christian Science Monitor, July 2004

We offer assistance to our clients, federal and state offenders and their lawyers in plea review, post-plea and conviction stage proceedings and, if necessary, post incarceration stage of their criminal proceedings. We provide pre-plea as well as post-conviction and sentencing services, including state parole assistance. Our entire focus is to minimize or eliminate the amount of time one spends “behind the wall.” . We also assist in the placement and designation to federal prison, camps and minimum security facilities. NPSC’s founder and Managing Director was formerly a practicing lawyer and a federal “white collar” offender that was incarcerated in several federal prisons with different security classifications.

We do not provide legal advice or provide legal services and are not a substitute for your lawyer. Rather, we work with our clients, their lawyers and family with proposed plea agreement review, Pre-Sentence Report (PSI/PSR) evaluation and commentary; sentencing guideline departure investigation and analysis; prison designation and classification services and post-conviction assistance. We assist our client, their family and legal team to minimize the amount of time the offender will be incarcerated. We believe that our services may be of assistance in minimizing the actual time our client spends in prison and may reduce their security classification and, hence, affect the nature the and type of facility they are assigned.

Please review other pages of our Web site and contact us to discuss our services. NPSC is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice or guidance.