Parole Services

National Prison and Sentencing Consultants assist inmates, their lawyers and families with all aspects of parole and early release preparation. Most people wait until they are “up for parole” before they begin to think about the myriad of factors that the parole board or commission will consider. We believe that parole preparation begins upon entry into the criminal justice system–and not a day later.

With proper adjustment, guidance and preparation, the parole and early release process can become significantly easier. NPSC will provide detailed guidance on the proper, most appropriate and suitable programs, activities and “life-style” changes that are required for a successful parole application.

NPSC will work with the inmate, their lawyers and their families to prepare the most comprehensive multidisciplinary parole/early release application and coordinate the process of submittals to ensure that the inmate has the highest chance of being granted parole at the earliest possible time.

We can help with the following

  • Parole (All States)
  • Prison Based Sentence Reductions
  • Early Release
  • Residential Re-Entry Centers
  • Community Placement
  • Home Confinement
  • Prison Based Education Programs
  • Parole for Deportation and Treaty Transfers