Overview of Services

We have been providing federal prison mitigation services since 2001. At National Prison and Sentencing Consultants, NPSC, we do everything in our power to minimize the amount of time someone must spend in federal prison. Since January 12, 2005 when the United States Supreme Court ruled that the United States Sentencing Guidelines are advisory rather than mandatory, there are a multitude of personal and offense characteristics that can and must be considered by the courts in imposing a sentence. We at NPSC investigate, research and analyze every possible available basis for a departure and alternative to incarceration including avoiding the imposition of so-called mandatory minimums. Below are a few of the services that we offer:

Federal Sentencing Factor Analysis

From the time of indictment, the alleged offender and their counsel should know the applicable sentencing guideline level for the alleged crime as well as all possible enhancements and upward and downward departures. We thoroughly analyze the indictment, the Sentencing Guidelines and the alleged offender’s unique circumstances so as to determine the most likely sentencing guideline level and range. This is the first step in the federal prison mitigation process.

Downward Departure Investigation

Many years or months of prison are simply left on the table by failing to fully investigate and explore the available downward departures and sentencing factors that can reduce or eliminate a prison sentence. Usually, an inmate realizes this fact when it is too late. NPSC explores all possible avenues for a downward departure and reduction in prison time before a sentence is imposed.

Diversionary Programs and Prison Alternatives

In both the federal and state systems there are diversionary programs or prison alternatives and programs that are available to an offender. In the federal system, there are some districts that offer mental health and drug courts that can offer alternatives or diversions to prison. NPSC researches, investigates and proposes these alternatives and programs that can and will reduce the amount of time spent in prison or help avoid incarceration altogether.

Plea Agreement Review

Prior to agreeing to a plea, it is imperative that an offender and their lawyer know with precision the amount of prison time that can and most likely will be imposed. We completely and thoroughly evaluate the proposed plea from a sentencing perspective so that the alleged offender and their counsel can make an intelligent and thoughtful decision.

Post Sentence Services

Even after a sentence is imposed, there are certain steps that can be taken to ensure that the defendant maximizes the amount of “good time” and earned time credits that can significantly reduce a term of incarceration. As well, NPSC works with the defendant, their family, and counsel to assist with facility designation to ensure that the defendant is sent to the facility with the most appropriate security classification and that offer the most appropriate programs.

Pre-Incarceration Assistance

NPSC has individualized prison preparation programs designed to assist an offender prepare for prison. We are the prison coach working with clients from Wall Street to Main Street. We review all rules, regulations, and procedures so as to minimize the trauma associated with incarceration and prepare you for the future. We will make the transition from your yard to the prison yard easier and less traumatic. We also work with the inmate for participation in Evidence Based Recidivism Reduction Programs that may allow an inmate to earn up to 15 days of Earned Time Credits so as to significantly reduce their time in prison.