Prison Preparation Services

When most people think of prison, they either think of Escape from Alcatraz, HBO’s Oz or the mythical “Club Fed.” Alcatraz is closed, Oz does not exist and “Club Fed” went the way of Alcatraz with Congress’ “get tough on crime” legislation. All, and we mean all, prisons are tough, scary and often dangerous places. Indeed, some are tougher, scarier and more dangerous than others; few have as much drama and death as Oz and none have golf courses and tanning booths.

At NPSC, we help prepare an offender for future incarceration. We are your prison coach, so to speak. We specialize in celebrity and high profile inmate preparation as well. We believe that being prepared for that which lies ahead will best enable one to not only “survive” prison but also help make the most of it. Being prepared emotionally and financially will make the initial introduction to prison less traumatic. We teach you the rules, official and not so official, but nonetheless important. We review every relevant prison protocol and rule including visitation, finances, personal items, mail in/mail out procedures; medical and health procedures, contraband, discipline, Special Housing Units (SHU), “shots”, incident report and administrative procedures, furloughs, emergency furloughs, commissary, residential drug treatment programs (RDAP), transfers, employment, UNICOR and Residential Reentry Centers. Most important, we work with the inmate to prepare them for Evidence Based Recidivism Reduction Programs (EBRR) and Productive Activities (PA) that allow an inmate to earn Earned Time Credits of up to 15 days per month of active participation.

Equally important, we meet with and assist an offender’s family with all aspects of incarceration. It is often said that an inmate’s family goes to prison with them. We do everything within our power to assist family and loved ones getting through the prison bureaucracy so as to minimize their concerns. We also provide counseling to both the offender and their ones so as to make the family’s emotional and physical transition as smooth as possible.

We offer assistance with

  • Voluntary Surrenders
  • Federal Prison Programs and EBRR
  • BOP Regulations
  • Visitation
  • Transfer Regulations
  • Contraband
  • Medical Facilities
  • Inmate Finances
  • Prison Orientation Programs
  • Mail and Package Regulations
  • Residential Drug Treatment Programs
  • Furloughs
  • Special Housing Units
  • Relocation Procedures
  • Foreign Transfers
  • Medical Issues and Concerns