Post Sentence Services – Designation and RDAP

Once sentenced, the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) will administratively designate an offender to a prison facility. The Pre-sentence Investigation Report (PSI/PSR) is the most important document that the BOP will use in determining designation, as well as all programming and classification decisions. Depending upon a myriad of regulatory and statutory factors, an offender can be sentenced to a Maximum, Medium, Low, Administrative or Prison Camp. (Click here for a list and location of Federal Prisons). Each facility is different and there is nothing prohibiting the BOP, regardless of a judge’s recommendation, from designating someone to a facility across the state, the country or from designating, for instance, a non-violent first time offender to a Penitentiary or High Security Facility. There is no assurance that a non-violent, white collar offender will be designated to a Federal Prison Camp. In fact, many are not! Many people call us when they find out they have been designated to a higher security facility than anticipated or to a facility clear across the country. It is often too late at that point. For designation assistance and guidance, contact us before or immediately after sentencing.

More importantly, the successful completion of certain prison programs can and will substantially reduce the offender’s sentence. NPSC can teach and position an inmate to aid in gaining acceptance into the programs that can substantially reduce the amount of time spent in prison. For instance in the federal system, the BOP offers a Residential Drug Abuse Treatment Program (RDAP) which is an intensive 500 hour program. After successful completion of RDAP, an inmate can receive up to 12 months off their sentence. Not all federal institutions offer the RDAP program and initial and subsequent designation and/or transfer is crucial to successful RDAP placement.

Additionally, an inmate will certainly want to take advantage of available educational or vocational programs that are not offered at every BOP facility. Each type of prison and each different prison quite often do not offer the same level of educational, vocational and recreational programs. Certain BOP facilities offer UNICOR jobs, which may provide an inmate with valuable vocational training: and substantially higher subsistence allowance. At NPSC, we thoroughly evaluate our client’s background, goals and objectives and make a recommendation for the most appropriate facility designation. We then aggressively advocate that recommendation with the BOP so as to ensure that all consideration is given to the most appropriate facility based on all of the relevant circumstances.

We also work with the federal inmate for participation in Evidence Based Recidivism Reduction Programs (EBRR) and Productive Activities (PA) that may allow an inmate to earn up to 15 days of Earned Time Credits so as to significantly reduce their time in prison.

We keep up-to-date information on all BOP facilities, programs, security designations and changes so as to provide you with the most timely and relevant information. We trust that our Facility Designation Services can substantially assist a federal offender in being designated to the most appropriate facility.

We offer assistance with the following

  • Prison Designation Assistance
  • Evidence Based Recidivism Reduction Programs (Early Release)
  • RDAP
  • Prison Based Sentence Reductions
  • Federal Prison Camp Designation
  • Halfway House Placement
  • Facility Relocation
  • Inmate Classification
  • Prison Programs
  • Transfers
  • Residential Drug Abuse Treatment Program (RDAP)
  • EBRR and PA's under the First Step Act