Attorney Services

At National Prison and Sentencing Consultants (NPSC), we assist and work with attorneys throughout the United States with all aspects of sentencing. We have been retained by large national law firms to solo practitioners to seasoned federal defense lawyers to novice practitioners for our federal sentencing and mitigation expertise. All aspects of federal sentencing are examined. From investigations of possible downward departures to assistance in preparation of Defense Sentencing Memoranda to Guideline calculations, we work with the client’s legal team to ensure the best possible result. Our work is timely, confidential and of the highest quality. We appreciate the confidential nature of our work and respect the attorney-client and work product privileges. We ensure that defense counsel has the best opportunity to focus on what is important and leave the investigative and sentencing work to us. We do a thorough Section 3553(a) analysis after exhaustive research, interviews and factual development.

More importantly, on November 30, 2009 in Porter v. McCollum, the US Supreme Court held that failure to investigate mitigating factors prior to sentencing can be a Strickland violation and hence a 6th Amendment violation. NPSC is available to assist with that required investigation.

Defense attorneys must recognize that the sentencing stage is the time at which for many defendants, the most important service of the entire criminal proceeding can be performed.” Nicholas N. Kittrie, et al., Sentencing, Sanctions, & Corrections: Federal & State Law, Policy, & Practice 134 (2d ed 2002).

As Justice Brennan stated that “[T]o the convicted defendant, the sentencing phase is certainly as critical as the guilt/innocence phase.” United States v. DiFrancesco, 449 US 117, 150, 101 S Ct 426, 66 L Ed 2d 328 (1980).

Defense counsel can rely on us to work hand in hand with them for the best outcome possible.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss our experience and qualifications.