Residential Drug Abuse Treatment-RDAP

The Federal Bureau of Prisons offers to many inmate’s participation in its Residential Drug Abuse Program, commonly known as RDAP. NPSC can assist eligible offenders with admission to the program and an early release from federal prison. Admission to and successful completion of RDAP can provide up to one year off of any sentence. An eligible federal inmate can have up to 12 months deducted off their sentence for a term of incarceration greater than 37 months; 9 months off a sentence between 31 and 37 months and 6 months for a sentence of 30 months or less. Admission to the program can be challenging and successful completion is not preordained or guaranteed. Often even a court’s recommendation does not assure admission to RDAP. There are many factors that will determine if an inmate is qualified to attend the RDAP Program.

Certain inmates are categorically excluded from the program. INS detainees, deportable aliens, offenders currently incarcerated for certain violent or sex crimes and inmates with state detainers are not eligible. Eligible inmates must be users and abusers of drugs or alcohol within a year of the date of their charges and demonstrate a chronic and historical use of drugs or alcohol including prescription drugs. The program coordinators, in an effort to admit inmates who are substance abusers, look for documented evidence of drug and alcohol abuse while committing their offense, although drug or alcohol use does not necessarily have had to have a direct connection to the crime for which one was incarcerated.

NPSC works with you, your counsel and the Office of Probation to ensure that there is appropriate, verifiable and reliable documentation in the Pre-Sentence Investigation Report (PSI) or proper third-party documentation submitted to the Bureau of Prisons to best position you for successful admission to RDAP and an early release.

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