Many thanks for your most outstanding work, support and commitment to Peter! If it hadn’t been for you, Peter would have faced a much harsher sentence. I just wanted to express my gratitude. Anything I can do for your or family, please don’t hesitate to ask.
- Claudia, January 2022
I want to thank you. You were so pivotal in this whole procedure. You were on top of this right from the start. You constantly kept us in the loop and answered all our questions. You did your homework and it was right on point. Michael wouldn’t be home if not for you. And for this we thank you. Money well spent. I wish you the best in health and in life. I would like to keep in touch with you and give you updates.
- Michael, New York July 2020
John: I think the world of you and thank God I reached out to you when I did, You have shepherded me thru this experience and for that I will always be eternally grateful. Take care of yourself and your better half in this trying times. Love ya Brother!
- Sam, Kentucky March 2020
I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to simply tell you "thank you". Thank you for all of the hard work you have encountered and fearlessly faced. You have shown my family and I a true sense of kindness and compassion during this time. Whether or not you are able to accomplish the short term goals, of the moment, will not impact our feelings of gratitude and appreciation for your actions displayed to us. If there is any way that we may reciprocate your outlook and attitude, we are willing to assist, in any manner. I will say a prayer for you and your family during this time of uncertainty.
- BS- February 2020
I hope Alissa has delivered the great news to you. Thank you for all your hard work. I could burst in to tears with excitement with the news I received today. I have all of the documentation that my detainer is officially released and out of the system. Thank you for your persistent efforts, communication with Alissa, and fight! Keep up all the good work. Let me know if I can assist you with any of your future or current endeavors.
- Brent- Morgantown, WV February 2020
Mr. Webster: I wanted to take a minute and drop you an email because so many times we don’t take the time to tell people what a difference they make in our lives. No matter how all of this turns out, our family will be eternally grateful to you for your patience, perseverance, understanding and caring. I just wanted to say thank you for all you do, and to let you know that while your path may have not always been the easiest either, what you do today touches and makes a difference in the lives of many, many of us and is so very appreciated.
- KH-Kansas City, June 2019
John, I originally contacted you during one of the most distraught moments of my life. Not only did my son’s attorney lack a plan to mitigate his sentence, he actually seemed indifferent to his plight. Even though it seemed we were in the 11th hour, you gave us hope that it wasn’t too late in the judicial process to take action. In fact, your involvement seemed to finally spur his attorney to sit up and take notice. Additionally, you helped my son obtain what we consider to be the best possible situation in his assigned institution where he is now serving. I hear from him often and your counsel has allayed many fears, his and mine. We know that you will continue to help in any way possible during this difficult journey. We are truly grateful for everything you’ve done and continue to do on his behalf.
- Laurie, TN – October 2017
I have a card waiting for the postman as I write…thank you, thank you John for all of your service to our family these past several months. I did not actually find out the good news right away as I was traveling. Finally when I got the good news, I was truly over the moon!!!I am so glad I called on you the day I was doing my research to help our brother in any way we could! You have been upstanding, forthright and so very professional. THANK YOU from the deepest part of our hearts John. Love and Blessings Always
- Eden, CA – June 2015
After reading the letter you wrote, I know that my daughter is in the best hands possible. I have always believed that it was divine intervention that led me to you five years ago. And as urgent as the situation was then, it is even more so this time. There is so much more at stake. Had I not found you then, I doubt I would found you now. Things absolutely happen for a reason-even if it’s five years later. Obviously, I have complete faith in you and what you’re able to accomplish for us previously.
- Maria, CA – July 2015
Thank you for such great news John! You need a FULL PAGE ON YOUR WEBSITE THAT YOU GOT THIS DONE FOR US!!!!!! When you go to bed tonight remember that you literally changed someone’s life. You are a great friend and I can’t thank you enough for your hard work. !
- Doug, FL – April 2014
NPSC and John Webster made all the difference for me and my family. In the midst of the most difficult experience of our lives, we found John Webster and NPSC. His guidance, objective opinion and genuine compassion helped us make the right choices and finally regain control of our lives. John is experienced, fully committed, reliable, and always accessible. His knowledge led us through a most difficult and complex process. Listen to him, he really knows and cares. My family and I want to thank NPSC for all their help. We highly recommend John Webster and NPSC to anyone who may find themselves in a similar situation. You can count on them!
- Santo, NYC – March 2014
John: Before we contacted you, we had been trying to deal directly with the Kentucky Department of Corrections (KDOC) for weeks in order to get an explanation as to why Jason was not being transferred to a facility where he could receive the pre-release program that he was court mandated to attend. It was, as I’m sure you know, a frustrating process of making phone calls and being referred to different departments without any forward movement. I had decided to seek outside help when I found your advertisement on prisontalk.com and I was cautiously hopeful. My hopes have been rewarded I am happy to say. Not only did you thoroughly research the situation, information that we could use in future legal action if necessary, but you were able to get the warden of Jason’s facility to respond and commit to an expedited move. In less than 2 weeks, you made more progress than we made on our own in 3 months. And, moreover, you continue to be there for us as we make sure that Jason’s case is handled as promised. Thank you again for your help, I cannot tell you how important it is to have an advocate when fighting the KDOC bureaucracy.
- Steven M., KY – December 2013
I appreciate all of your hard work and expertise you put in the report you wrote. You guys hit it out of the park. its really well-written and thorough and I believe it is what’s needed to get my guideline points reduced
- Andrew K., NV – January 2012
Over two years ago our son was arrested for his involvement with illegal drugs. My family and I were devastated by the news and had no idea where to turn for help. Our first move was to look for an attorney to represent our son. While doing research our daughter came across National Prison & Sentencing Consultants and suggested I talk with them. After talking with John Webster I decided to retain their services. Retaining John’s services turned out to be the best thing I did not only for my son but for my entire family as well. John’s mitigation services reduced our son’s sentence by years–many years. John’s analysis, extensive research abilities and presentation skills made a significant difference at each level from plea agreement, presentencing report, sentencing factors and prison designation. While John is not a practicing attorney John’s wealth of knowledge of the process and how it is applied in these circumstances was critical. Despite having two attorneys representing our son it was John who made the most significant contributions that positively impacted our son’s sentencing. John’s participation in hundreds of cases across the country brought a national experience and wealth of real time knowledge that few if any attorneys can match. He is a specialist. In fact, our son’s attorney after working with John has referred other clients to him. On a personal note due to the circumstances it was over two years from our son’s arrest to his sentencing. . It was a long process that put significant strain on all involved. Every week brought new or resurfaced old concerns. John was always there to explain any issue and to provide guidance and real life examples. John personal approach to our problems, concerns, and fears made an enormous difference in our understanding of the crime, the process and the punishment our son and brother faced. Knowing John was on our son’s team allowed my wife and I to sleep at night. John has earned our complete trust and respect. Should my best friend ever fall into a similar situation the first and only advice I would give him would be to call John Webster immediately.
- Robert S., VA – February 2012
John, we dropped Jim off at the prison camp yesterday. It was obviously a tough day for all of us, but we all believe we can at least see the end of the tunnel. Jim, me, and the whole family wish to thank you for your efforts, support and caring these past two years. Without you Jim’s punishment would have been significantly worse and the process that much more grueling. You put humanity into the process and we all benefited greatly. Again Thanks. Especially from Jim.
- Bob S., VA – October 2011
Kevin’s defense attorney located John Webster of NPSC, checked several of his references, and referred us to him, because she felt very badly about what had happened, and she was worried about Kevin’s prison assignment. We contacted John, showed him the materials, asked if he thought he could help, got and checked his references, and hired him. John wanted to get started immediately. All of the people I spoke to, had very high praise for him, and so do Helen and I. John worked all weekend using documents we provided, and talking to us, to put together his work product to the Federal Bureau of Prisons in reference to Kevin’s case. Kevin finally landed at FCI-Morgantown (a minimum security prison) and we were overjoyed that at least our worst nightmare was not to be. John has continued to stay in touch with us, and has helped us understand what to expect, and how to work with the BOP. A member of my family is a Federal judge in another district. She followed our story closely, and she counseled us against optimism. In the end, she asked for John’s contact information, because several of the defense attorney’s in her district, on hearing from her of John and Kevin’s case, were impressed enough to want to be able refer their clients to John as well. We cannot recommend John more highly. We believe he truly cares for his clients and that he is extremely knowledgeable. We believe John is an honest person, who would prefer not to take a case if he does not believe he can make a difference.
- Lincoln B., NC – September 2011
I have known and worked with John Webster for close to twenty years. We have worked on many cases together. His work ethic is unparalleled and his knowledge of sentencing is second to none. We have always had great results with Mr. Webster and recommend him without reservation.
- Jules D. Esq., RI – September 2011
John, we are very impressed with this (mitigation) report! You have put some real teeth into it! Your report clearly illustrates a lot of issues I have been screaming about, but did not have the forum or expertise to present them. We already feel hiring you was the best decision we made during this entire legal issue. We understand that although there’s no guarantee on the outcome, your report packs the punch needed and will no doubt shall raise the judge’s eyebrows! Thanks again!
- EM, SC – March 2011
John, I hope you had a nice weekend, you mean the world to us, Thanks for the difference you made in our lives and you really did. As unfair as the process is and we truly understand it now thanks to you. I would have written sooner but all this is too sad! Thanks again for being there for us.
- RB, TN – December 2010
John, I need to thank you. To be caught up in our legal system has been a long and draining journey for me and my family. I was taught always to surround myself with the right people. I still feel that way even through this journey. I have had the best legal help, and having you on my team has been the best for me and my family. Through your prison preparation program, you have taught me much and have taken a lot of the fear of the unknown away. You have provided much needed information for me and my family. Just knowing you will be there for all of us till the end is a very comforting feeling. You do the work of a saint.
- KL, FL – October 2009
I highly recommend John Webster and the mitigation assistance he provides through National Prison & Sentencing Consultants. John’s background, personal experiences and street smarts combine to develop a very detailed and complete analysis of his clients potential mitigation issues. He utilizes his comprehensive research abilities and expert writing techniques to best describe and formulate presentations for seeking and obtaining tremendous reductions in his clients’ probable sentencing range. John’s tenacity and work ethic is unsurpassed. My money was well spent and I would suggest that all new or prospective clients place their complete faith and trust in Mr. Webster’s ability to do the best job possible for them.
- RY, NY – October 2009
I highly recommend John Webster and the mitigation assistance he provides through National Prison & Sentencing Consultants. John’s background, personal experiences and street smarts combine to develop a very detailed and complete analysis of his clients potential mitigation issues. He utilizes his comprehensive research abilities and expert writing techniques to best describe and formulate presentations for seeking and obtaining tremendous reductions in his clients’ probable sentencing range. John’s tenacity and work ethic is unsurpassed. My money was well spent and I would suggest that all new or prospective clients place their complete faith and trust in Mr. Webster’s ability to do the best job possible for them.
- RY, NY – October 2009
We just got work that my husband was transferred to the federal facility you recommended and one that is within an hour’s drive of our home. Your dedication and persistence made us all so happy. We can’t thank you enough.
- AS, WI – May 2009
I just finished reading your mitigation report and thought it and it was thorough, comprehensive and persuasive. On behalf of my family and myself, I can’t thank you and the NPSC Team enough for the terrific work. I feel much more comfortable now with my upcoming sentencing hearing. Again, we all thank you.
- Nick, NJ – May 2009
I highly recommend NPSC to anyone who is heading to prison. My son had been convicted of a crime and was scheduled for sentencing in 3 months and I felt we needed some help. We were at a loss as to what to do and quite by accident came across the NPSC website. I emailed them explaining the situation and asked if there was anything that they could do and the next day I received a phone call from John Webster. One of the first things John said to me was that my son was not a criminal, he was a person that made a mistake. – you can’t imagine how much that comforted my soul. He kept us in the loop throughout he entire process and answered any and all questions we had in a timely fashion and the work he did on behalf of our son, I am convinced, gave him a downward departure of 9-12 years. This was the riskiest venture we have ever made, hiring someone over the internet that we never met, but it was worth every penny. I thank God for sending us to NPSC. We finally got to meet John at the sentencing and it was like seeing an old friend.
- Helen and Bill, FL – February 2009
As a former state public servant, with a high profile trial and extensive national media attention, NPSC’s Sentencing Guideline expertise, analysis, writing ability and responsiveness brought tangible results for me in late 2007. Without the mitigation analysis, investigation and assessment of the NPSC team of experts, I would be serving at least several years extra in a Federal Institution. NPSC’s services are critical in preparation for federal sentencing and prison, particularly in complex white collar and government corruption cases, and prison designations. My team of lawyers, my family and I found NPSC to be extremely thorough and highly analytical.
- Thomas, AK – October 2008
The information and expertise provided by Mr. Webster and the National Prison & Sentencing Consultants’ team was invaluable to my family and me. I’d recommend engaging them from the very start of the process and using them in conjunction with any legal defense.
- Charles, NH – November 2007
I recommend the services of National Prison and Sentencing Consultants. Mr. Webster has assisted in getting my friend to the facility closest to home and which offers the programs he needs to successfully complete his sentence. While we had several years of experience in our state’s prison system, we have had only minimal experience with the federal system, and NPSC has been helpful in guiding us through the initial phases of my friend’s federal time. I’m sure they will help us with any problems we have throughout the rest of my friend’s time in prison. Once again, I believe NPSC offers a valuable service to those who have just been sentenced or who are transitioning from state to federal prison.
- Jan, AR – March 2006
This company is the greatest that I have come across. I was to have a court date on March 18,2005 and I e-mailed NPSC on March 12, 2005. They did for me in 3 days than what others had not done in the past 3 years!!! I would recommend to anyone looking at going to prison or doing time to hire this firm. They actually work for you and they also treat you with respect! I have great confidence in NPSC. I just wish I would have found them sooner. Ever since they have become involved in my case I feel at ease and that I have someone on my side! If you are in a legal predicament I honestly recommend hiring this firm. Their whole goal is keeping people out of prison.
- Sandra, NM – April 2005
I contacted NPSC shortly after my sentencing. They were able to get me designated to a facility that was close to my family. In addition, they spent many hours discussing what life in prison would be like for me and my family. They were always available and every question was answered. It is a comfort to know that NPSC will be there for me and my family while I am in prison. I would strongly urge anyone that is going through this to contact NPSC. You don’t have to do this alone and they will insure that you do not.
- Chuck, IL – May 2005
My wife and I appreciate your supreme effort and professionalism… We cannot begin to thank you enough for the all the time and effort you put in helping us with our sentencing.
- Michael, MI – December 2004
We wanted to let you know that we just got word that he has made it to the FCI you requested. He is now just 10 miles away from me. They moved him so quickly that he spent 6 days in the hole waiting for his paperwork to catch up, but he got there on April 19th. Thank you for your role in getting him so close to home. He seems to be adapting well, and it is great that my family and I can visit whenever we would like. The phone calls are even local! Thank you so much for bringing my family closer together.
- Amanda, TX – May 2004