Update on Compassionate Release

May 30, 2019

As many know, the First Step Act significantly changed the law regarding compassionate release from federal prison when an inmate is terminally ill or suffering from a debilitating illness. The Federal Bureau of Prisons had the authority to request a court to reduce a sentence since the adoption of the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984. However, it seldom exercised its authority and a great number of federal inmates needlessly died in a confined prison facility. The First Step Act now allows inmates to directly petition the court for a compassionate release. Although difficult to verify, on April 9, 2019, the Department of Justice reported that 22 inmates have been released under the new compassionate release provisions of the First Step Act. We are aware that several more federal inmates have been released after the date of the DOJ report. If you need more information about compassionate release feel free to contact us at help@nationalprisonconsultants.com