September 29, 2015 Sentencing Reform Updates

September 29, 2015

The rumor mill is buzzing about federal sentencing reform. Although we posted on our website and emailed our subscribers on September 2, we thought another update would be helpful. It was anticipated by many in the federal criminal justice field that in early September 2015, the Senate Judiciary Committee and Senator Grassley would have had a bipartisan federal criminal justice reform bill ready to be presented to both the House and Senate. That has not happened as of yet and as the bill is under consideration, negotiation and is still being drafted it is impossible to say what the bill would look like and what changes it will contain. For some reason, many federal inmates are under the impression that the bill WILL increase the good time to 35% rather than the current 15%. Although that MAY happen, it is way too early to say with certainty. Even if it does, Congress must agree that it should and will apply retroactively—meaning to inmates currently incarcerated. Also it must be understood that although federal sentencing reform is a hot topic in Congress, with President Obama as well as judges, prosecutors and criminal defense lawyers, the way things stand now, there is no assurance than any sentencing reform bill will definitely pass. Of course we will keep all updated as things progress and feel free to call or email with any questions.

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