Rumored Federal Prison Camp Closures

October 11, 2018

National Prison and Sentencing Consultants (NPSC) has heard many rumors from federal inmates and others that have been circulating relating to the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ closing certain federal prison camps in an effort to comply with its reduced 2019 Federal Budget allocation. Although it is unclear what has been approved 2019, the 2019 Budget request by the Bureau of Prisons called for the closure of 2 of 7 federal standalone camps. We have been asked about these rumors and as of this date do not have a definitive answer as to which camps, if any, will in fact be closed in 2019. However, the seven-standalone federal prison are: FPC Pensacola, FPC Montgomery, FPC Duluth, FPC Alderson, FPC Bryan, FPC Morgantown and FPC Yankton. We do find this putative budget cut and tentative closures curious when in fact the Department of Justice also proposed the elimination of a planned new $50,000,000 federal prison in Eastern Kentucky, but Congress, under the leadership of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), approved the funding for this new and admittedly unnecessary facility. Even more curious is the fact that this new facility is slated to also have a satellite prison camp adjacent to a high security facility. As of this date we do not know which federal camps will be closed, if any. Of course, National Prison and Sentencing Consultants will keep all updated as new and reliable information becomes available.